BELL 407 Extended Range Fuel Tank System (ERFTS)

Australian Fuel Cells 140 litre Bell 407 ERFTS has been ergonomically design to extend the range of flight by up to 60 minute. Testing has show that the tank's aerodynamic design improved ride quality by filling the void between the skids which would otherwise be filled with turbulent air. Installation and removal is simple and can be completed by one person in minutes. AFC's ERFTS are perfect in operations such as Coast Watch, search, rescue, surveillance and any other operation where increased range is required. AFC's 140 litre ERFTS can be utilised either independently or in conjunction with the Bell aux tank location in the luggage locker. Custom paint available.

  • PN: AAM407BT2
  • Description: Extended Range Fuel Tank System
  • Capacity: 140 litres
  • Lead time: TBA
  • Installed weight (dry) 85kg
  • Certification: EASA STC