Fuel cell repair and re-certification


AFC has been repairing leaky and damaged fuel cells for over 20 years now. During this time we have amassed a large array of specialty equipment and custom tooling specifically for fuel cell maintenance allowing difficult repairs to be carried out quickly and efficiently. We have had exposure to all fuel cell manufactures and fuel cells from all aircraft makes and models.
Types of defects we commonly repair include;

  • Pin hole leaks,
  • Tears,
  • Abrasions and exposed fabric cords,
  • Lifting/disbanding seams and patches,
  • Damaged aluminium and rubber moulded fittings,
  • Damaged or missing hanger tabs,
  • Damaged or cracked outlets or "nipples", etc. 

AFC holds a CASA Part 145 approval and is approved by all the major manufactures including;

  • Amfuel (American Fuel Cells and Coated Fabrics),
  • GKN Aerospace (FPR Industries),
  • Meggitt (Formally EFC or Engineered Fabrics Corporation).