terms & conditions

  1. AFC will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions on the part of our suppliers.
  2. All freight is at the customers expense unless stated otherwise.
  3. There is a 1.55% surcharge on payments made via Visa/MasterCard and 2.81% on Amex.
  4. All quotes are subject to exchange rate variations.
  5. All quotes must be signed and dated and are valid for 14 days after submission.
  6. Important Notice to Customer: Most activities come in at the estimated price, however this is not a "Fixed Price Quote" We state this component is repairable but carry out repairs at your instruction and risk. In particular, work performed away from our workshop exposes additional risk factors to increased cost and delay which is to be at the customers expense. By advising us to proceed you agree to pay for all work carried out prior to return of component (repaired or otherwise).Should you decide to discontinue repairs at any time, you are liable for costs incurred to the time of termination.
  7. We do not store finished components. If you do not take delivery on completion storage charges will apply.
  8. AFC does not perform dimension checks. Rubber fuel cells have a tendency to shrink over time and cells sent to AFC for repair that have shrunk may not be noticed by you until re-installation. Such shrinkage has not been caused by repair activities.

By signing the Australian Fuel Cells Pty. Ltd. quotation you've been provided, you're confirming that you have read, understood and authorise the Order subject to these Terms and Conditions.